Blue Ridge Neuropsychological Associates, P.A.

Appointment Policy

Appointments for services are usually handled on a first-come, first-served basis, with changes in priorities for cases that require immediate attention. Call our offices to explain the situation and make arrangements for neuropsychological interventions. Once the initial appointment is made, a map and supporting documentation may be mailed to you (unless you click below to download and print the forms yourself). No other reminder will be offered, and you are responsible for all transportation. Many assessments require morning and afternoon sessions to complete a variety of standardized tests. Allow sufficient time for the evaluation.

Appointments that are canceled within 24 hours may be rescheduled. If no notice is given, However, rescheduling is at the discretion of the neuropsychologist and subject to his or her available times to provide the service. Patients that miss three appointments without notice will not be scheduled again unless pre-payment is arranged.

If you have already scheduled an appointment, CLICK HERE to get the forms and map.