Blue Ridge Neuropsychological Associates, P.A.

Forensic Examination Policy

Although in ideal situations all neuropsychological evaluations would be thorough and precise enough to meet the rigors of the courtroom, assessments that are performed in a legal context often demand special treatment. Since it would be considered unethical to bill health insurance for neuropsychological examinations that are to used solely for legal purposes, the referring attorney or other source are usually billed directly at standard clinical rates.

Testimony (depositions and court appearances) is priced at a higher rate to compensate for its intense nature and preparation needs. Otherwise, billing for forensic services is consistent with usual and customary billing practices when seeing insurance or private-pay patients.

Advance payment may be requested before an evaluation is conducted. Cases that are expected to involve multiple dates of service may also require sufficient money to satisfy all of the anticipated charges until the conclusion of the case.